These amendment refer to:

  • Export Note to Section 2 clarifies that exports of Deuterium and Heavy Water are only controlled if they are for nuclear reactor use.
  • Section 6 (Heavy Water production plants) adds three new processes used for the production of heavy water or for heavy water upgraders systems. The previous text identified (and explained) the Water-Hydrogen Sulphide Exchange Process (or Girdler-Sulphide (GS) process) and the Ammonia-Hydrogen Exchange Process.
    The amended section also includes Combined Electrolysis and Catalytic Exchange (CECE), Combined Industrial Reforming and Catalytic Exchange (CIRCE) and Bithermal Hydrogen-Water exchange (BHW). In addition, entry (6.6) on infrared absorption analyzers has been deleted since the infrared absorption analyzers used in heavy water production plants are not especially designed or prepared for heavy water production.
    A new entry (6.10) has been added for columns or towers packed with hydrogen isotope exchange catalyst to account for the addition of the 3 new processes.
    Finally, some small updates to process data were made within Section 6.

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