With the objective of averting the proliferation of nuclear weapons and preventing acts of nuclear terrorism, suppliers have considered procedures in relation to the transfer of certain equipment, materials, software, and related technology that could make a major contribution to a “nuclear explosive activity,” an “unsafeguarded nuclear fuel-cycle activity” or acts of nuclear terrorism. In this connection, suppliers have agreed on the following principles, common definitions, and an export control list of equipment, materials, software, and related technology.

This second set of NSG Guidelines governs the export of nuclear related dual-use items and technologies, that is, items that can make a major contribution to an unsafeguarded nuclear fuel cycle or nuclear explosive activity, but which have non-nuclear uses as well, for example in industry. The list includes Guidelines for the transfer of dual-use goods which are listed in the annex. The annex lists the following categories:

  • industrial equipment;
  • materials;
  • uranium isotope separation equipment and components (other than trigger list items);
  • heavy water production plant related equipment (other than trigger list items);
  • test and measurement equipment for the development of nuclear explosive devices;
  • components for nuclear explosive devices.

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