The fundamental principles for safeguards and export controls should apply to nuclear transfers for peaceful purposes to any non-nuclear-weapon state and, in the case of controls on retransfers, to transfers to any State. In this connection, suppliers have defined the so-called trigger list. This list includes guidelines for nuclear transfers such as physical protection, safeguards, special controls on sensitive exports, special arrangements for export of enrichment facilities, controls on material usable for nuclear weapons, controls on retransfers as well as supporting activities. Annexes of the guidelines govern the export of items that are especially designed or prepared for nuclear use.

These include in the first annex (Annex A) material and equipment as well as technology associated with each of the items on the trigger list.

The second annex (Annex B) includes clarification of items on the trigger list:

  • nuclear reactors and equipment therefore;
  • non-nuclear material for reactors;
  • plants and equipment for reprocessing;
  • plants and equipment for fabrication of nuclear fuel elements;
  • plants and equipment for separation of isotopes;
  • plants for heavy water production; and
  • plants and equipment for conversion.

A further annex (Annex C) describes criteria for levels of physical protection.

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